VK invests $13 million rubles in the game engine

VK invests $13 million rubles in the game engine

VK CEO Vladimir Kiriyenko spoke about the company’s plans to create a game engine.  VK’s own investments in the project will amount to $13 million (in accordance with the current exchange rate).

At the moment, the company is forming a development team, and is also engaged in the production of tools, a kernel and other systems for the future engine. According to Kiriyenko, it will take 3 to 5 years to create the technology.

According to VK’s plans, the beta version of the technology will be presented next year, at the same time the company will begin to form a community of developers around the engine. In 2025 the company’s employees should optimize the graphics systems (according to the VK plan, about 100 specialists are needed to create the basic version). In the same VK is going to launch a distribution platform.

The VK game engine will based on open source code. In the future, the company plans to adapt it to different operating systems and consoles.

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