Press releases, reviews and keys giveaways

Is your game or its addition coming out soon? Are you organizing a sale? We can help with media promotion!

Unlike our initiative + 1PR (for indies without publishers), we will be glad to receive keys and press releases from all game developers and publishers!

For review

It would be perfect, if you sent a key or a copy of the game for review in advance, a week before the release. We guarantee:

No information will be published before the release unless you allow to do it yourselves.

If none of the authors is interested in your game, we will write about it and won’t use the key you sent us in any way.

For press release

We will gladly publish Unique texts about the development of your game, ideas, dev-stories (interesting stories related to the development of the game) and other promotional materials.

Hold keys giveaways

If you have a sale of the game and a large discount of 40-70%, it makes sense to attract players’ attention and arrange a giveaway of several keys. We can help to hold such a giveaway.

Meanwhile, all the information about keys giveaways will be placed at the top end-to-end banner and a lot of players will know about your game!

Write about all this to Sergey Kormishin: We will coordinate a material, a keys giveaway, a banner and publish in the best possible way!