Ubisoft removing access to The Crew from players

Ubisoft removing access to The Crew from players

Recently, Ubisoft closed the servers of The Crew. Now players not only cannot use the game’s network functions, but also cannot play the game at all. However, the publisher did not stop there: now the company is removing access to the game from user accounts.

Along with the revocation of the license for the project, players receive an “inspiring” message with an offer to buy something from Ubisoft. The company probably took this measure to prevent emulation of The Crew servers: the absence of a copy of the project will not allow enthusiasts to launch the game themselves. However, the extent to which this measure is legal is not entirely clear, and it is possible that an audit will soon be carried out against the company.

It is worth noting that there is currently a “Stop killing games” campaign underway, in which players are encouraged to sign government petitions against companies that are blocking access to their games.

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