Ubisoft freeze the Watch Dogs franchise

Ubisoft freeze the Watch Dogs franchise

An insider named j0nathan shared a sad rumor about the Watch Dogs series: the blogger claims that Ubisoft has canceled the development of all games in the Watch Dogs series and freeze the franchise.

The reason for this decision was the commercial failure of Watch Dogs: Legion. Player reception to the game was lukewarm, and sales were far below Ubisoft’s expectations. At the same time, according to some analysts, sales of the project at the start set a record for the entire series.

It is known that Ubisoft was actively developing a battle royale in the Watch Dogs universe: these developments are likely to appear in other projects of the publisher. In addition, work is currently underway on a film adaptation of Watch Dogs, but the date of its release is still unknown.

Detailed information about the game

Watch Dogs: Legion

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