The next part of DOOM will receive The Dark Ages title

The next part of DOOM will receive The Dark Ages title

Journalist Tom Henderson confirmed rumors about the announcement of the next part of DOOM at the Microsoft summer conference. The shooter will be subtitled The Dark Ages and will be a kind of prequel to the recently completed dilogy.

Henderson said that the game will take place in a medieval setting: id software’s passion for fantasy themes became obvious back in DOOM Eternal and now the studio has decided not to restrain its imagination. It’s unclear what changes the gameplay will undergo, but the developers probably won’t risk deviating too much from the proven formula.

Most likely, the release date of DOOM: The Dark Ages will be revealed at the Microsoft summer conference, which will be held on June 9. Journalist Jez Cordon said that the shooter will be available not only on Xbox Series and PC, but also on PS5.

Detailed information about the game

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