Survival horror Conscript is announced

Survival horror Conscript is announced

Publisher Team17 presented the survival-horror Conscript in the setting of the First World War. The project is developing by the one person — australian developer Jordan Mochi.

Mochi’s game is inspired by classic 90s horror games like the Resident Evil series. The game’s events will unfold during the Battle of Verdun in 1916. Players will control a french soldier searching for his brother, who disappeared on the battlefield.

Conscript’s gameplay is built around the classic horror formula: you will have to collect extremely scarce resources, fight opponents and solve various puzzles. Conscript will have fairly simple graphics, but the sound should be impressive — australian composer Sonny Igusti is in charge of it (this is the only aspect of the game that Mochi does not do himself).

Conscript is scheduled for release this year. The game will be available on two generations of PlayStation and Xbox, as well as on PC and Nintendo Switch. Starting June 10, a demo of the project will be available on Steam.

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