Sony announces PS VR 2 release date

Sony announces PS VR 2 release date

Sony has announced a release date for the second generation of the PS VR helmet – the device will go on sale on February 22 next year and will cost $550 at standard set (and €600 in Europe).

In addition to the PS VR 2 can be purchased the charging station – its price will be $50.  Also, Sony’s new VR headset will be bundled with Horizon Call of the Mountain for $600. It will be possible to pre-order the project separately from November 15.

Sony also introduced 11 new games compatible with the new device. Among them are: the VR offshoot of Hello Neighbor subtitled “Search and Rescue”, the rail shooter The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, which takes place in the horror universe of Supermassive Games, and the cooperative military shooter Crossfire: Sierra Squad.

The full list of announcements is available on the PlayStation website:
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