Rumor: Obsidian’s Avowed isn’t coming anytime soon

Rumor: Obsidian’s Avowed isn’t coming anytime soon

News about Avowed, a large-scale role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment, hardly appears online. This implies that the release of the project will not take place soon. Well-known Klobrille insider also thinks so: according to his information, the project definitely should not be expected in the first half of 2024.

Neither Obsidian nor Microsoft talk much about the game, only mentioning the project in the list of Xbox exclusives. The latest (disappointing) news about Avowed appeared back in the summer — then it became known that the title had not yet reached the alpha version.

It is not yet known how big Obsidian sees its game. Previously, the project was conceived as a competitor to Skyrim from Bethesda, but later the studio revised the concept, deciding to focus on developing the signature elements of “Obsidian games.”

Detailed information about the game


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