PIONER review trailer

PIONER review trailer

GFA Games published a review trailer of the PIONER MMOFPS, in which it shared some details about the project.

The game will take place on the island named Tartarus, divided into two parts. One part will be dedicated to story and PvE activities with minimal integration of multiplayer elements: if desired, this area can be played alone, like a regular story-based shooter.

The second part will focus on PvP and clan wars: this is where the most valuable loot is located. Apparently, PIONER will have mechanics inspired by extraction shooters: in order to get resources, you will have to get to the extraction point, and if you die along the way, you risk losing everything you earned. World boss battles and raids will also be located in this zone.

As in the Witcher games, your character will carry two weapons at once: one gun will be needed for battles with humans, and the second for exterminating monsters.

The release of PIONER will take place next year; the developers have not yet disclosed the exact date.

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