New trailer for the reimagined Trains: Electrostorm

New trailer for the reimagined Trains: Electrostorm

Watt Studio published a new trailer for Trains: Electrostorm, which has dramatically changed over the past months of development.

Trains: Electrostorm changed its genre to third-person action. The story of the project will be dedicated to a girl named Anya, who will have to free the Trains, chained to their stations by chains— these huge machines will help start the Perpetual Engine and save humanity.

Despite the change in genre, puzzles will still remain in the game. The main character will be helped to solve them by special skills, including the ability to levitate and control magnetic fields. In battles heroine will use a special gauss pistol, somewhat reminiscent of the main weapon from Control.

Trains: Electrostorm will be released next year on Steam.

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