Microsoft won’t stop selling Xbox

Microsoft won’t stop selling Xbox

A rumor spread on the NeoGaf forum about the cessation of Xbox production: supposedly Microsoft’s decision based on the very low sales of consoles. Previously, such statements would not have received due attention, but now the time for such rumors to appear is quite “fortunate”, because Microsoft is really going to reconsider the business policy of Xbox.

However, Microsoft is not ready for such bold steps — at least not now. Journalist Shannon Liao from The Washington Post reported that at a recent internal meeting for employees, Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer said that the company does not plan to stop producing Xbox, and the consoles are an important part of Microsoft’s long-term strategy.

Phil Spencer will make a public statement soon to clarify Xbox’s new business policy. According to numerous rumors, Microsoft is going to release its exclusives on competitors’ platforms, such as PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The exact date of the appeal is still unknown.

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