Kiborg gameplay trailer

Kiborg gameplay trailer

Sobaka Studio has presented a gameplay video of the Kiborg roguelite action with procedurally generated missions.

The main goal of the protagonist named Vasily is to get out of the well-guarded prison planet Sigma. The Substance, a swarm of dangerous nano-machines, has been discovered on the war-torn Sigma factions, threatening all life on the planet.

The protagonist’s methods of fighting for survival are not quite ordinary: Vasily will send his clones on missions, the death of which does not end the game — the world will simply jump to the next day.

In-game missions will be generated procedurally, which harmoniously complements the roguelite concept. The hero can be changed not only with the help of various augmentations, but also externally – however, it is still unclear how detailed the editor will turn out.

Kiborg is being developed for PC, PS4 and PS5. The release date of the action is still unknown.

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