Fntastic studio announced its closure

Fntastic studio announced its closure

The Fntastic studio announced on its Twitter about its closure: the developers made this decision after a few days since the release of The Day Before.

Fntastic explained that the reason was the financial performance of The Day Before. The Day Before, which started in early access on Steam, will not be completed, but the game servers will continue to work. The fate of the proceeds from the project is also known: the developers will spend it on paying off debts to their partners. Now the authors have removed all materials from their website, except for the closure message, and The Day Before itself has been removed from Steam.

The Day Before launched with 20% positive reviews on Steam — this is one of the lowest results on the service. Among the shortcomings, players noted technical problems, as well as the discrepancy between the final result and what the studio had previously promised.

Detailed information about the game

The Day Before

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