Decadent announcement teaser

Decadent announcement teaser

Incantation Games studio has announced the horror shooter Decadent, inspired by the books of Howard Lovecraft.

Decadent tells the story of John Lorne, a former World War I veteran and now a practicing occult expert, who became infected with an unknown parasite during his research. The plot of the game starts with Lorne going to the Arctic in search of a missing expedition and naturally meeting the true owners of those places.

Decadent’s aesthetic combines realism and mystical horror. So, in the hero’s arsenal there will be both real weapons of those years, as well as magical and even alien weapons. They also promise some anomalous zones: spatial pockets outside of time and space, in which you can get hold of powerful artifacts.

Decadent is scheduled for release next year. The shooter will be available on PC, Xbox Series and PS5.

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