Chasmal Fear gameplay trailer

Chasmal Fear gameplay trailer

MystiveDev studio, consisting of only two people, has published a gameplay trailer for Chasmal Fear, a cooperative horror game developing on Unreal Engine 5.

One of the main features of Chasmal Fear is the perspective from the bodycam, which creates a special effect of presence. The project will take place on an underwater research station, overrun by nightmarish monsters.

The gameplay of the project is not very different from its counterparts in the genre: you have to fight enemies in conditions of limited resources and inventory. The developers promise a branched plot: the game will have three endings, and your choices will directly affect the gameplay. Depending on your decisions, you will have to go through some stages in stealth mode, while others will turn into fierce battles with enemies.

Chasmal Fear does not have a release date yet. The project will be available on Steam.

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