Shortly, I’m an experienced c#/unity3d ninja mastering C++/OpenGL to develop good games. Currently I’m interested in participation in non -mobile projects.

I am an experienced programmer (about 8 years in programming). During this time I took part in bunch of game projects (different genres: Racing simulator, RPG, puzzles and VR demos), worked as a deployment-engineer in MMO RPG project (City of Steam).

I do know what «algorithm complexity» , «rendering pipeline» mean (I have written my own software renderer for my education), «linear algebra». I am a smart user of design patterns. I have the concepts of SOLID principles and how to write a good code for people. At the same time I adhere to the «delivery first» principle and I always try to make a minimal viable product avoiding writing my own super-frameworks.

Some more information about me, I:
— Have basic skills in C++ (RAII, STL)
— Have concepts of OpenGL/GLSL
— Have solid skills in C# and algorithms,
— Able to master a new programming language quickly (except C++ It will took 21 days, hehe ;))
— Have some experience in writing Python and Bash scripts,
— Have some experience in deployment of big MMO RPG game (Puppet, Git, Nagios),
— Familiar with functional programming paradigm (Haskell),
— Have some experience in writing plugins for Unity3d with Objective-C and Java,
— Profound knowledge of Unity3D (Component model, uGUI, NGUI), over 4 years of work with this engine,
— Understand how Graphics Rendering Pipeline works, familiar with linear algebra and 3D Math, and have experience in CGFx, ShaderLab,
— Familiar with design patterns, IoC / DI, SOLID (able to write a readable and efficient code),
— Familiar with basic algorithms (sorting, searching, algorithms on graphs, dynamic programming),
— Worked with Git, SVN, Mercurial, Perforce (prefer Git)